Corona prevention

Corona prevention

Because I am frequently in contact with elderly and vulnerable people, both privately and professionally, I am wearing a face mask in my practice. If you yourself belong to that category or you want to protect someone close who belongs to that category, you can use extra protection by wearing the face mask that is available in the waiting room.
If you don’t need extra protection you don’t have to use a face mask.

To bring with you

At your first appointment you need to bring a Treatment Agreement form, send to you by email, filled and signed.
Bring a big towel and a normal size one to cover yourself with while at the treatment table, and bring your debit- or creditcard. If you pay cash please bring the correct amount in an envelope.
Please be on time, not more then 5 minutes before the appointment time and also not later. In this way there is enough time for me to clean up and disinfect before your treatment.


The session lasts about 45 minutes. The table and the head support are disinfected after every treatment.

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