Reimbursement by health assurances

After payment you will receive an invoice from me that you can declare to your health insurer.
Almost all Dutch health insurances reimburse a part of my treatments in their optional additional policies, usually for 40 or 50 euros per treatment.

The 375 euro deductible for the Dutch basic insurance does not apply to acupuncture since it is reimbursed from the additional policy. So you do not have to pay the first 375 euros yourself.

The maximum reimbursement per calendar year depends on the extent of your optional additional health assurance policy.
It is wise to check at the start of your treatment to what extent your insurer will reimburse the treatment. State clearly that you want to receive treatment from an acupuncturist who is a member of the NVA and possibly the so-called AGB code of my practice: 90-0231113.

Looking for an insurance with good coverage for acupuncture? A good overview can be found on the site of my professional organization, the NVA:

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