Treatment in pictures

Treatment in pictures


Interview: you can explain your complaints at the start of the treatment; questions about your general health are also asked. All these data are important for a correct diagnosis.

Pulse diagnosis: while the patient has their hands on their stomach, the quality of the pulse is felt in 6 places and compared. This provides information about the energy distribution over the meridians.

Point localization: It is very important to locate the acupuncture points exactly. Using the wrist, the location of a point near the knee is verified.

Neck treatment: treatment of the neck and shoulders is very important because the energy circulation there is often blocked. By means of subtle and painless needle techniques, this area becomes more relaxed, so that the energy flows through and complaints are reduced.

Moxa treatment: acupuncture points can also be heated with so-called moxa, a dried herb (lower 4 photos). The cone is removed as soon as the heat is clearly felt. This means that the cone burns out for about 1/3 and is then removed.

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